About Me

Literary translator

MA Modern languages, PhD English Literary Studies

Translation has been my full-time job since 2008, even though I have been translating since 2002, when I also used to work as a university teacher and researcher with a focus on contemporary English/American literature and Comics studies. I did not give those things up after leaving the academia; I still give talks and write criticism when I get the chance.

I translate – mainly from English into Italian – fiction and nonfiction, but also scripts and miscellaneous texts, especially in the field of media and communication. I spent a considerable amount on time in several English-speaking countries (UK, US, Canada); the language skills I acquired through working – and writing for work – while I was there have made it possible for me to translate – on some occasions – not only into my mother tongue, but also in the opposite combination. My work experience includes editing, reading, and editorial consulting for both Italian and foreign publishers, as well as for private authors who asked me to help them prepare book proposals. I occasionally do custom writing and have a few personal projects in the works.

In 2016 I also started to translate from German into Italian, which makes me happy because it is a language I love and often use, but that I had never officially translated from before then.

I love my job and firmly believe that continuing education is of the essence. This is why I take seminars and refresher courses whenever I can.

I am a member of the World Directory of Children’s Book Translators.

I live a few miles from Milan with a charming bestower of poetic images and melancholy songs, two sons – an expert on lizards and a lovely little imp –  and an idle, slightly self-pitying border collie mix who is vain enough to have his own Instagram account (@harpothewonderdog).

For my complete resume or a quote, you can contact me here.