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Besides translating and working on several other projects, this year I wrote a book together with copywriter, creative guy and friend Andrea Casturà. We had actually started discussing an entirely different idea, but then – once we were in contact with the editorial staff at Apogeo Editore – we came to this book. The topic is something I had not yet studied in detail: considering that I work not only as a ‘pure’ literary translator, but that I also collaborate with a few media and communication agencies, of course I knew about the rise of YouTube as a social, cultural and economic phenomenon; however, this was the right occasion to think about it and examine it more in detail.

Andrea and I worked well together: he is a brilliant creative mind and media worker, and contributed to the book with his freshness and technical competence, while I tried to make the best of my Visual Studies and communication theory background. We researched and studied and looked for the most interesting recent experiments in marketing and branding as we explored the young and ever-changing galaxy that houses both Italian and international YouTubers.

If you wish to know more, you can read our interview on the Apogeo website, which you can find here. Enjoy!

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